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Furious Nutrition

Growing & Trusted Pharma Company

Furious nutritions came into existence in 2013 and become a fully integrated pharma company in 2019. Today we are one of the leading pharma company in terms of exports in various countries and in India. Furious nutritions is a company whostrive to provide a world-class dietary supplements and innovative products at affordable prices.

Furious Nutritions is a private listed company headquartered in Bangalore on of the Indias fastest growing pharmaceutical companies Furious Nutritions takes pride in offering high quality trusted medicines and supplements in multiple therapeutic categories such as womens health, child health and infants Nutritions.


Our missions to enhance the health and well being of Indians extends beyond our products to innovative methodologies and platforms across distributions channel as online learning our team network ensure that the knowledge of products and supplements reaches to every paramedic staffs for better understanding and thereafter she can explain the details to customers in every corner of India.


To excel as a research based, technology driven organization, and  to create a innovative products and persistently strive to exceed customers expectations.

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