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Furious Nutritions

Growing & Trusted Pharma Company

Furious Nutritions is a nutritional and dietary supplement manufacturing company that provides complete, well-balanced nutrition and lactose-free formula products for infants and kids of 2 years & above which are the special years of rapid agile growth and development. We are one of the top Manufacturers of infant formula in India. 

While multivitamins and dietary supplements for children remain popular, other kid’s supplements are increasingly winning traction in the market, especially those targeting specific wellness areas. The Founder of the company, says the advent of more-targeted Kid’s supplements with innovative infant formula helps users better steer the crowded and confusing mineral, supplements, vitamin, and nutritional aisle. That aisle contains several types of different ingredients, products, forms, dosages, benefits, and effects being offered by many brands. By focusing on particular wellness benefits and low birth weight formula, we at Furious Nutritions are able to communicate the benefit the users will receive clear and reduce the guesswork of finding the appropriate ingredient, form, and dosage for that benefit.

Our Innovative Prebiotic Formula

Consumer interest in prebiotics is growing for the kids of all age groups. We believe more and more paediatricians are promoting and recommending prebiotics for infants & kids, and we believe that as parents adopt prebiotics into their daily routine, they will also include prebiotics to their babies and kids. Prebiotics is among the top 5 infant formula in India and we focus on developing more innovative products using them.

Our products are packed with a unique and proprietary blend of prebiotics that helps to keep kids healthy and safe cold and flu. These dietary supplements introduced by us supports the immune health of expectant mothers and infants. Our wide range of products includes Vitamin A Syrup and Drop, Breast Milk enhancer, Vitamin D3 syrup, DHA, EPA Syrup, Vitamin A 600IU syrups & drops, etc. 

Why Furious Nutritions?

The growing awareness of the significance of nutrition to help keep children healthy is moving consumers away from reactive, short-term fixes to more proactive, preventative approaches to health and wellness. This is the reason Furious Nutritions have brought the formulation of some well-researched ingredients in the form of unprecedented dietary supplements.

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