FURILACR STAGE 2: Infant Milk Follow Up Formula

FurilacR Stage 2, presented by Furious Nutritions, which is among the Top Manufacturers of infant formula in India, is the right combination of growth nutrition and immunity booster. FurilacR Stage 2 is an excellent infant formula that is a revolutionary product introduced by the company. This product comes into top 5 infant formula in India.

FurilacR Stage 2 is signified to use for the nourishment of the infants (from 6-12 months) enriched with the essential micro and macro. It is formulated to support the fast growth and overall development of the brain and organs.

Benefits of FurilacR Stage 2

  • It is an excellent formula that is closer to Breast milk.
  • Enriched with essential fatty acids LA, ALA, and Choline
  • Contains required Nucleotides that acts as nutrients booster
  • Contribute to the structural building blocks of the human brain.
  • A spray-dried formula containing essential vitamins and minerals
  • High bioavailability and Nitrogen index
  • Enriched with powerful whey protein that supports the overall growth

How it works?

  • It contains whey protein and essential amino acids with nucleotides, prebiotics, and ALA that enrich the requirements.
  • It supports comprehensive brain development.
  • It has a high bioavailability and nigh nitrogen index that provide strength to the internal growing organs.
  • It helps in boosting immunity and fighting with foreign illness-causing agents

Product Description:

Nutritional Information


Each ml. contains (Approx)

28 Vitamins
Essential Minerals
Fatty Acids
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