FURILAC LBW TM: Ideal Low Birth Weight Solution for Premature Babies

Furious Nutritions is among the Top Manufacturers of infant formula in India. Furilac LBWTM by Furious Nutritions is the nutritional supplement infant formula for premature babies born before 37 weeks or babies with low birth weight. Furilac LBWTM Powder is a nutritional supplement that comes with spray-dried infant formula, for premature or low birth weight infants during and after hospitalization. It helps in the ideal growth of infants and new-borns, along with brain development, and keeps them healthy.

Babies born at less than 37 weeks gestation (premature) have different nutritional needs than babies born at full term (after 38 weeks). Furious Nutritions, the producer of the top 5 infant formula in India brings the best food supplement for premature babies.


Benefits of Furilac LBWTM :

  • It acts as a perfect spray dried infant formula for premature or low birth infants (weighing less than 2.5 kg) during and after hospital discharge
  • Furious Nutritions’ Furilac LBWTM consists of DHA AA nulcohides which help in faster catch up growth and weight gain of an infant.
  • It is best suited for premature infants to gain bodily strength and proper brain development with apt immunity.
  • Provides amazing and optimum results if used along with breastfeeding.
  • Keeps regular development and growth checks by fulfilling nutritional needs.

How it works?

  • With the recommended dosage of Furilac LBWTM, the premature babies get the required nutrition.
  • The DHA support ideal brain development in early childhood.
  • The Nucleotides present in Furilac LBWTM play an immunomodulatory role and protects against sicknesses.
  • Included Folic Acid plays an important role in the production of red blood cells.
  • It helps infants in the development of the brain and neural health.

Product Description:

Nutritional Information
Folic Acid
Amino Acids
Essential Minerals
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