Child Nutritions

There is overwhelming evidence that good nutrition is of great importance for healthy and normal child development. That’s why young mothers pay much attention and often spend hours puzzling over questions of cooking for baby: what products are most useful for a child? How to make his diet most balanced and delicious?

The parents really have a great responsibility, because those eating habits that develop at the youngest age, will directly affect the tastes and preferences of the child in the future. Improper nutrition can lead to overweight at an early age, and extra pounds are known to lead to various diseases.


At first, when you introduce different foods to your baby, try not to change the time of eating the new food. Let them remain the same from day today. This may be done as follows: let your child try a new piece of fruit or vegetable and then immediately go to the normal breast-feeding.

This will help you to build the correct behavior, which aims to teach the child the fact that there is a clear time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and supper. If your kid needs some extra food supplements, the best resource is Furious Nutritions. They are the Top Manufacturers of infant formula in India. 

Product Selection

When selecting products, pay attention to the table of food values. More sugar, “trans fats” (found in margarine, semi-finished products, fast food), and saturated fats does not make the product useful, especially for children.

In a child’s diet, there have to be proteins, complex carbohydrates (cereals, bread, and pasta from whole flour), unsaturated fats, and foods rich in dietary fiber: fruits and vegetables.

But don’t overdo it with grapes. It contains a considerable amount of sugar. Remember, children like simple food. Do not mix too many ingredients in one dish.


It is important to look after the number of sweets. One sweet thing a day, a value not more than 100 calories, will not no harm. But it’s recommended to avoid sweets in diet 1-2 times a week, so that child did not feel the need to eat a sweet every day.

The duration of the meal

The child should decide when to end a meal. As soon as he said that he’s fed up, in any case, do not make him “eat another spoonful”. The kid must learn to feel satiety by himself, otherwise, he may assume that he finished meal too early or too late, and in the future, it may cause wrong eating behavior and disrupt metabolism.

If your child doesn’t like a dish and refuses to eat, enable him to change his mind. If he repeatedly gives a negative answer, then he must be clearly explained that next time he will be able to eat only when it will be the time of the next meal.

Kids need to eat slowly as possible, chewing food thoroughly. The process should be without watching TV, reading a book, or any other distractions.

Sets a good example

Rules of feeding should be the same for all family members, of course, when it comes to healthy eating, not dieting. Try to sit at the table as a family at least once a day. A personal example helps in sport and exercises. For example, you can arrange family trips on foot or by bicycle.


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