Furilac Advance Infant Formula

Furilac Advance Infant Formula is a top-notch choice for infants up to 6 months old. It’s loaded with essential ingredients like Alpha Lactalbumin, Lactoferrin, DHA & ARA, FOS & GOS, and Nucleotides. Alpha Lactalbumin supports protein synthesis, Lactoferrin boosts the immune system, DHA & ARA aid cognitive and visual development, and FOS & GOS act as prebiotics for a healthy gut. Nucleotides play a crucial role in overall growth and development. With these components, Furilac Advance ensures comprehensive nutrition, making it an ideal choice to support your baby’s early development. It is formulated for providing normal growth and development of infants up to 6 months of age.


Benefits of Furilac Advance Infant Formula

  • Formulated to ensure normal growth and development in infants.
  • Contains alpha lactalbumin to support and stimulate protein synthesis.
  • Enriched with nucleotides for enhanced nutritional value.
  • Crucial for visual and cognitive development in infants.
  • A premium milk substitute ensuring high-quality nutrition for infants.
  • It aids in providing essential milk proteins to babies.

How Furilac Advance Infant Formula Works?

  • Alpha lactalbumin supports protein synthesis, vital for infant development.
  • Inclusion of DHA supports optimal visual and cognitive development.
  • Enriched with nucleotides and other essential nutrients for comprehensive infant nutrition.
  • It ensures the intake of required milk proteins for babies.

Product Description

Nutritional Information

  • Alpha Lactalbumin
  • Lactoferrin
  • DHA & ARA (1:1)
  • FOS & GOS (1:9)
  • Nucleotides

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