As a parent, ensuring the best nutrition for your little one is a top priority. Furious Nutrition, one of the top manufacturers of infant formula in India, introduces its revolutionary Furilac Stage 1Furilac Stage 2, and Furilac LBW formulas, designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of babies at different stages of development. Let’s explore the benefits and science behind these scientifically designed infant formulas.

  1. Furilac Stage 1: Complete Nutrition for Baby’s First Year

Furilac Stage 1 is the closest infant formula to breast milk, providing complete nutrition for your baby’s crucial first year. Designed for infants aged 0 to 6 months, this powdered milk substitute offers numerous benefits for your baby’s overall growth and development.

Benefits of Furilac Stage 1:

  • Growth Nutrients: Furilac Stage 1 contains essential nutrients that support your baby’s healthy growth.
  • Strong Bones: With milk fat enriched with B Palmitate, this formula aids in energy intake and calcium absorption, strengthening your baby’s bones.
  • Easy Digestion: The presence of whey proteins in Furilac Stage 1 supports easy digestion, reducing fussiness, gassiness, and crying.
  • Iron-Fortified: This formula is fortified with iron, fulfilling your child’s daily requirements and promoting healthy development.
  • No Artificial Growth Hormones: Furilac Stage 1 is free from artificial growth hormones, ensuring your baby gets only the best nutrition.

How Furilac Stage 1 Work?

During your baby’s rapid development phase, specific nutrition is crucial at each stage. Furilac Stage 1 is designed to provide the essential nutrients needed for infants during their growing stage. It rapidly enhances nutritional levels, supporting your baby’s overall development.

  1. Furilac Stage 2: Nourishing Growth and Immunity

As your baby grows beyond 6 months, Furilac Stage 2 comes into play, offering a perfect balance of growth nutrition and immunity boosters. Designed for infants aged 6 to 12 months, this formula ensures that your little one receives the necessary micro and macro nutrients for optimal development.

Benefits of Furilac Stage 2:

  • Closer to Breast Milk: Furilac Stage 2 is an excellent formula that closely resembles breast milk, providing the best nutrition for your growing baby.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: Enriched with fatty acids LA, ALA, and Choline, this formula supports the structural building blocks of your baby’s brain.
  • Nutrient Booster: The inclusion of required nucleotides contributes to brain development and overall growth.
  • High Bioavailability: Furilac Stage 2 contains essential vitamins and minerals with high bioavailability, ensuring better absorption.
  • Whey Protein Power: The presence of powerful whey protein supports overall growth and development.

How Furilac Stage 2 Works?

Furilac Stage 2 incorporates whey protein, essential amino acids, nucleotides, prebiotics, and ALA to fulfill your growing baby’s requirements. It plays a significant role in brain development, strengthens internal organs, and boosts immunity, safeguarding your baby against illness-causing agents.

  1. Furilac LBW: Nutritional Solution for Premature Babies

For premature babies born before 37 weeks or babies with low birth weight, Furious Nutrition offers Furilac LBW, a nutritional supplement in the form of spray-dried infant formula. This formula is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of premature infants during and after hospitalization.

 Benefits of Furilac LBW:

  • Catch-Up Growth: Furilac LBW consists of DHA and AA nucleotides, promoting faster catch-up growth and weight gain in premature infants.
  • Brain Development: The inclusion of DHA supports ideal brain development during early childhood.
  • Immunity Support: Nucleotides play an immunomodulatory role, providing essential protection against illnesses.
  • Optimum Results: Combining breastfeeding with Furilac LBW yields excellent results, supporting regular development and growth.

 How Furilac LBW Works?

Furilac LBW provides premature babies with the essential nutrition they require. DHA aids in brain development, while nucleotides and Folic Acid play vital roles in immune function and the production of red blood cells, respectively. This formula nurtures the brain and neural health of your precious premature bundle.

Furilac infant formulas by Furious Nutrition stand out as scientifically designed solutions to cater to your baby’s unique nutritional requirements at different stages of growth. It is among the top 5 infant formulas in India. Furilac Stage 1’s complete nutrition for the first year to Furilac LBW’s support for premature babies, these formulas prioritize your child’s health and development. Trust Furious Nutrition to provide your little one with the best start in life through their innovative and advanced infant formula products.


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