Vitamins are substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body in infants and children. First, parents should not forget one thing: the most effective foods for young children are fruits and vegetables which are the richest sources of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, children should eat daily, even every meal, if possible, fresh fruit mixed with honey and other ingredients. The role of vitamins and mineral salts is essential to develop and strengthen the body immunity of young children. If in adults, they are purchased from food intake, in children, especially in infants, vitamin supplements are also necessary. Furious Nutrition, the top manufacturers of infant formula in India brings you H & V Syrup and Furtivity Syrup and drops to combat vitamin deficiency in kids.


What type of disease may prevent the use of vitamins and minerals?

Their administration prevents vitamin deficiencies, which affect growth and lead to the emergence of intellectual disabilities, rapid fatigue, wheezing, or metabolic and hormonal disorders. Both mineral salts and vitamins are used as well in chronic diseases. Lack of calcium often leads to the appearance of rickets, the underdevelopment of teeth, muscle weakness, and lack of appetite. The lack of iron and vitamin B9 leads to anemia, lack of fluoride leads to caries, phosphorus lack leads to bone diseases and magnesium lack to spasm philia and cardiac disorders. Vision loss is due to vitamin A deficiency, poor resistance to infection shows lack of vitamin B6, and peeling skin and the appearance of dermatitis means Vitamin B8 deficiency. Vitamin C deficiency leads to weight loss and lower body strength in the development of infections, and Vitamin P (flavonoids) leads to skin blemishes and increased capillary fragility. It is better if these vitamins are given to children in liquid form. Summer, for fixing vitamin D2, children should stay at least an hour a day in the sun.


Vitamin supplements may have side effects?

First, parents should not forget that these additional doses of vitamins in children and infants should be carried out with expert medical advice. Vitamins and calcium preparations, used in excess, can cause cranial ossification shields. The excess of vitamin A leads to chronic poisoning, and vitamin C leads to kidney stones and diarrhoea. However, these cases are rare.


Lack of vitamin C affects a child’s brain

There are children who suffer from cognitive and learning disabilities. Recently it was discovered that this is caused by deficiency of vitamin C, both in the fontal stage and in the first months after birth.

A study by researchers at the University of Copenhagen published in “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” shows that Vitamin C can affect the mental development of infants. A group of experts says this vitamin deficiency in pregnant and lactating women may adversely affect the fetes and new-born.

There are factors indicating that lack of vitamin C, even in small proportion, affects the brain. The reason is that the highest concentration of vitamin C is in neurons. If this vitamin is not found in sufficient quantities in the body, it is fully retained in the brain. This proves the importance of this vitamin for brain function. It thus demonstrates a link between vitamin C, brain activity, and cognitive and learning disabilities that can occur in children.

The importance of vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the immune system and increases resistance to colds and influenzas, so common in autumn and winter. That is why doctors recommend increasing the intake of vitamin C in winter, especially for children who spend time in communities (nursery school). Meanwhile, this vitamin helps the body absorb iron, stimulates the formation of red blood cells, activates a large number of enzymes, plays an important role in the development of bone and cartilage, and protects against stress.


Infant Formula – a natural source of vitamins for your baby

This dietary supplement manufactured and distributed by Furious Nutritions is 100% natural and contains essential vitamins and minerals in a special formula for babies and infants. Infant Formula is recommended by pediatricians to all small children, especially those who were born prematurely, those who have no appetite, are sick, or do not gain weight. This multivitamin product is recommended for children under 6 months for healthy growth and adequate mental and physical development.


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