The first year of a baby is a time of rapid growth and development. It is important to include proper nutrition in the baby’s diet to promote the health, growth, and development of the future child. Start good eating habits at this early stage to form lifelong healthy eating habits. One can use Furious Nutritions’ Human Milk fortifier to make herself ready to feed babies properly. Furious Nutritions’ is a Top Manufacturers of infant formula in India. You can try their Breast Milk enhancer as well. Along with this, here is a list of foods that should not be given to your baby in his first year of growth:

1. Sweet food:

Sugary foods and drinks can increase sweetness and cause tooth decay when your baby’s teeth start to crack. Add sugar to food only when absolutely necessary. Sweet puddings, pastries, pastries, and ice cream are not recommended for babies under one year. Give your baby a healthy start in life and they will be more likely to continue on this path.

2. Salty food:

Baby food should not contain added salt. But any food you buy that isn’t meant for babies, especially ready-to-use sauces and porridges, often contains a lot of salt. Choose low-salt (or low-sodium) versions for your baby whenever you can. Infants under one year of age should consume less than 1 gram of salt per day, which is less than 0.4 grams of sodium. You can use these numbers as a guide when checking food labels.

3. Honey:

Don’t give your baby honey, even for cough relief, until they are a year old. Very often, honey contains a type of bacteria that can produce toxins in the baby’s intestines. This can lead to a very serious condition called childhood botulism. Honey is also a sugar, meaning that like sugar, honey can increase sweetness and cause tooth decay.

4. Cow’s milk:

Avoid serving cow’s milk regularly until the baby is 1 year old. Your baby cannot absorb the enzymes and proteins in cow’s milk, and some of the minerals it contains can damage your baby’s kidneys. Also, unlike breast milk or formula, cow’s milk does not provide all the right nutrients for a growing baby.

5. Peanuts:

Not only are there potential allergy problems with nuts, all types of nuts, but as a hard and crunchy food, nuts are a potential choking hazard for babies. Wait until your child is an adult before allowing them to eat nuts.

6. Eggs: Eggs are a common source of allergic reactions, especially in young children. Avoid eggs or products containing eggs until you are a year old.

7. Fish:

Avoid feeding sharks, mackerel, swordfish, and some other fish. This is because the mercury content in this fish can affect the nervous system of a growing baby. You should also avoid giving your baby raw shellfish to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

8. Chocolate:

Chocolate is usually high in caffeine and sugar, two things babies don’t need, and can even be unhealthy for young children, especially in large doses. In addition, most chocolate-containing confectionery contains cow’s milk.

9. Citrus Fruits and Juices:

Oranges, grapefruit, and similar fruits contain citric acid, which can cause stomach upset in babies. In addition, these fruits can cause skin rashes.

10. Small, solid foods:

Avoid serving foods that can smother the baby, such as nuts and seeds, raw carrots and celery, whole corn, raisins, large chunks of meat or cheese, popcorn, chips, pretzels, grapes, whole berries, cherries, candy, pickles, hot dogs, marshmallows, unpeeled fruit, and vegetables. In general, avoid foods that are round and hard, sticky and chewy, or cut into large pieces.


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