As the child grows, his body needs more nutrition. His nutritional needs can be met by a well-balanced diet. However, sometimes it happens that some supplements are taken along with the daily diet, such as giving vitamin D to children. Usually, doctors give it in writing, but it is important to know why supplements are necessary. Meanwhile, Furious Nutritions, the Top Manufacturers of infant formula in India offers a plentiful revolutionary product.

Does your child need vitamins?

For most babies, breast milk or formula milk will be everything for the first few days. As they grow older, gradually adding solid foods one by one to their diet. But despite this, some children may need vitamin supplements. These can usually be children who have some health problem or who are born with some disease, whose body is not able to synthesize certain elements well. Premature babies usually have such a problem. Also, the diet of the mother plays an important role in the nutrition of the child. So, if mom is a pure vegetarian or on a specific diet that doesn’t provide complete nutrition, your baby may need it separately.

As long as supplements are taken in limited or prescribed dosages, they are usually not harmful to toddlers. Do not start taking any supplements without the advice of your doctor.

If you breastfeed a baby

Mother’s milk is generally considered the best food for babies, especially for a newborn baby. There may be a lot of nutrition and antibodies in it, but breast milk does not normally contain the necessary amounts of vitamin D and iron. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bone growth, while the iron is a major component of blood and brain development. In such cases, doctors recommend taking vitamin D and iron supplements for children. Even if you increase your intake of iron-rich foods, a supplement will still be needed as babies have a high need for iron. Lact M Granules can be a great option for lactating mothers.

These vitamins are available to the child in the form of a syrupy taste. You can give it drops or mix it with your milk if it is a bottle-fed parent. Vitamin D is usually a synthesis process through sunlight and the sun’s rays are not always good for your baby.

If you give formula milk to your baby

If you have any breastfeeding issues and the baby is formula-fed, the vitamin requirements will be completely different in that case. Most of the formula milk powders available in the market are rich in vitamin D and iron as well as other essential elements for the baby’s body. If the baby drinks the full amount of formula milk prescribed daily, then all these nutrients are well absorbed in his body.

On the other hand, when the child grows a little older and he starts taking solid food in place of formula milk, then his daily requirement starts falling short. In such a case, it would be necessary to check whether the vitamin is at an optimum level. Your doctor may recommend starting supplements for your baby along with both formula milk and solid foods. Furious Nutritions has brought to you the top 5 infant formulas in India.

Essential vitamins for kids

Some of the essential vitamins for children are given below.

  1. Vitamin D –It is one of the core supplements that doctors recommend for growing children. Vitamin D and Vitamin D3 are essential for better bone development in babies. Although sunlight is easily available for this, children cannot be kept in the sun for a long time. Therefore, choosing things like eggs and fish as sources of vitamin D may benefit. If your baby has started eating solids, a small amount of cereal can be given. Made from whole grains, these cereals are rich in vitamin D and can help meet your daily quota.
  2. Vitamin A –Another vitamin that plays an important role in eye development, strengthens immunity and maintains healthy and good skin quality. Vitamin A can be easily obtained in various fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products. Vitamin A fortified spreads, carrots, mangoes, green vegetables, and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of vitamin A. You can use Vitamin A Syrup and Drop to meet the requirements in infants and growing babies.
  3. Vitamin C –Vitamin C is one of the most easily available and retained in the body. It can be given to children mostly from natural sources as many fruits and vegetables like broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, kiwis, oranges, lemons, etc. are rich in vitamin C.
  4. Iron – Since mother’s milk does not contain iron, it takes some effort to get it. It is necessary for large quantities for the development of the child. Any skimping or carelessness in this matter can cause physical ailments as well as practical problems to the child and delay in his healthy development. Formula-based feeding can help achieve this, and iron is also found in some fortified cereals. If your baby is premature, he will need iron supplements, even if you are feeding him a proper diet.
  5. DHA – Among the many omega-3 fatty acids, DHA is a core fatty acid that directly acts on the development of the brain and eyesight. If the mother consumes foods rich in DHA in her diet, it can easily be passed on to the baby through breast milk. Most baby formula contains DHA. It is found in meat, which is why mothers who are vegetarian or vegan may need to supplement their  DHA EP syrup and drops will be very helpful for keeping babies healthy.
  6. Fluoride –As the child grows up, the need for fluoride will begin to make itself felt when his first tooth erupts. There are fluoride supplements, but they cause discoloration of the teeth. In that regard, fluoridated water is a better option. Most of the water available in cities contains fluoride. If you usually use groundwater, your doctor may ask to take supplements.

 Frequently Asked question

Ques – If the child is a picky eater, should I give him vitamins?

Ans – Your child may also be like those children who make a mouth at the sight of green vegetables. He may not like the taste of vegetables at all and at such a young age you cannot force him to eat it. Ensuring that other food options are rich in essential vitamins is a good technique. If you have doubts about whether your child is getting the right diet, your doctor may recommend a blood test to confirm your child’s health and may prescribe supplements if necessary.

Ques – Can I give my child a multivitamin?

Ans – Children’s multivitamin syrups are easily available in the market. It contains different vitamins. A particular ingredient may cause side effects in your child if it is not present in the correct dosage. Unless the doctor explicitly prescribes it for your child, it is best to stay away from multivitamins.

Ques – Should I be careful with vitamin supplements?

Ans – Keep in mind that supplements are given in fixed doses, even if the child wants to take more. If your child is older and can move around, be careful to keep supplements out of reach.

Vitamins and other minerals play an essential role in a child’s development. Be it iron supplements or any other multivitamin, it cannot be forgotten that these are external artificial substances. These can work well only when they are kept in proper quantity. With this in mind, your baby can continue to grow healthy and switch to solid foods very soon.


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