In children, milk or lactose intolerance occurs when the enzymes that help digest lactose either don’t exist or don’t work well. Lactose or dairy intolerance is a common health problem, and there is not enough lactase, the enzyme needed to digest lactose (a form of sugar). This causes lactose, which is originally from the small intestine, to reach the large intestine and cause warning signs. Common dairy protein intolerance symptoms include abdominal pain, flatulence, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Milk allergy in babies can be a matter of great concern for the parents as babies get the necessary nutrition from milk itself. However, lactose intolerance in babies does not mean that they will stop drinking milk completely. If your kid is facing such issues, you can go with L-Zero which is an amazing lactose-free formula. 

What to do in such a situation?

According to research on this topic, children younger than 3 years of age usually do not have this allergy. But even if this happens, then feed the children such food which does not contain lactose. This will not cause health problems to the children.

Choose alternative foods according to your child’s allergies. In such a situation, it is advisable to adopt soy milk and things like it because it contains a sufficient amount of calcium and as you know, calcium is very important for the development of teeth and bones of children. If your baby is also allergic to soy and soy products, you can give him almond or rice milk. You can choose L Zero which is a casein-based formula and very healthy for your newborns.

Apart from giving lactose-free food to children, it is also suggested to reduce the quantity of their food. For example, it is okay to eat food once in 4 hours. Overfeeding babies can also cause serious problems in the future.

You also need to know that many lactose intolerant babies eat small amounts of milk or products from them and have no problems. However, some children may develop severe problems with small amounts and may show severe symptoms. In such a situation, it is very important to consult a doctor. You can make a lactose tolerant diet chart for babies and feed them accordingly.

How to Treat Lactose Intolerance in Children?

To treat lactose intolerance in children, it is important to understand its symptoms. Parents need to understand that the symptoms of an allergy to dairy proteins can be similar to those of other diseases. However, whenever a baby eats milk or its products and regularly shows symptoms, it may mean that he is allergic to lactose. Using L-Zero, which is an efficient lactose-free formula in India will be a game-changer.

Lactose deficiency can also cause sudden lactose intolerance in some children. Obvious symptoms of allergy are seen in such children after consuming more dairy products. However, sometimes even if there is an allergy, its symptoms are not visible.

It is not yet known how the amount of lactase in the body can be increased. Despite this, there are supplements and other options on the market for lactose-intolerant children. If the baby is born prematurely, then the amount of lactase in it can be corrected so that it can digest milk easily.

Check with your pediatrician to rule out lactose intolerance in children, as mentioned above vomiting, abdominal pain, and flatulence are common symptoms of lactose allergy. If the test results are negative, then these symptoms may also be due to some other reason.

How to meet nutritional deficiency?

Even though milk is very important for proper nutrition and good health of babies, but if the child is lactose intolerant, then you will have to remove milk from his diet. Apart from calcium, milk contains essential nutrients like protein, vitamin D, and potassium. For the nutrients you get from milk, you can include the following foods in your baby’s diet:

  • Eggs contain protein, riboflavin, iron, and vitamin D.
  • Wheat contains enough B vitamins and iron.
  • Soy is a major source of riboflavin, calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin B6. Soy milk is also a good alternative to milk.
  • Peanuts and other nuts contain essential proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Almond milk is also a good alternative to regular milk.
  • Fish is rich in protein and vitamins.

Lactose intolerant babies do not get the nutrients they need from milk. L Zero is an incredible alternative available in the market today that can make up for the lack of these elements. Consult a good dietician to know about the best options for your child’s age, height, weight, and eating habits and to provide the necessary nutrition to the child.


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