So, your bundle of joy has arrived, and all of a sudden, you are feeling overwhelmed. You don’t know the right way to make your baby comfortable, and you suffer from guilt and a feeling of inadequacy. Relax, it is most natural for you to find it all a little overwhelming, and there should be no guilt involved. We, at Furious Nutritions congratulate you on the welcome of a new member in your family. Here are some tips to make you handle your new mom status that much more easily:

  • Trust your instincts : Yes, you are not experienced and you get a whole lot of advice, but make sure to sift through all the suggestions. Trust your instinct and seek the help of only a few people. In the end, only your baby will teach you how to take care of him or her. You need some time to bond, and in a few weeks, you will be confident. Just watch the patterns of your newborn’s needs, be it hunger or sleep, and follow the baby’s needs by providing them the best quality lactose-free formula.


  • Feeding : Breastfeeding is one of the most important aspects for a new mom, and needs patience and practice. Seek help from the nurse, if there is any trouble. Pay attention to how you feel and how your baby latches on. Once the latch on is done right, the baby will do the rest. The more you nurse, the greater the milk you will produce. Nursing eight to 12 times in 24 hours is ideal. Lact M Granules is a super-efficient breast milk enhancer that will help in milk production.


  • Comforting your kid: If your little one is uncomfortable when you are rocking her in your arms, maybe you could try putting her up against your shoulder. If they start crying immediately after being placed down on the cot/cradle, they may need a pacifier.


  • Let them cry: This may seem odd, and parents think their job is to stop that crying, but sometimes, babies can continue to cry in spite of the perfect diaper and feeding schedules. Crying is a way of communication and it is just part of your baby’s life. However, if there are other problems such as rashes, or vomiting, you should consult the doctor.


  • Hygiene : Oral care is often neglected in a baby, but it helps to wipe down the baby’s gums early on to ensure oral hygiene. Also, change diapers frequently and keep your baby clean and comfortably clothed. Don’t use ill-fitting clothes or synthetic stuff on the baby just so she looks good; comfort is of primary importance.


  • Don’t panic : One of the first rules is to keep calm. If you are feeling low or anxious, take some time out for yourself. It is best to seek help because raising a baby is not easy. When you are stressed, the baby may pick up the tension.


  • Be prepared : If you are stepping out with the baby, make sure you have enough change of clothes, wipes, diapers, towels, and a bottle of milk/formula.

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