Lactose Free Formula

If the baby is diagnosed with lactose intolerance, one need to avoid lactose, both in milk and in foods. For very young babies, this will involve switching to a lactose-free formula like L-Zero and weaning diet, and they may need additional calcium, magnesium, and zinc to replace what they are not getting from milk.

For mature babies, parents may require to swap from a milk-free formula to L-zero lactose-free formula (found in the market), and check its value and quality ingredients labels to make sure it doesn’t contain lactose. One should look for the following words on ingredient lists like milk, whey, curds, milk by-products, dry milk solids, non-fat dry milk powder, etc.

With initial lactose intolerance, infants and babies can sometimes tolerate small amounts of foods with lactose, such as yogurt and cheese. In this case, your GP or dietitian can advise you.

This can all sound a bit daunting, but there’s a silver lining: removing the lactose from the infant formula diet usually resolves the symptoms that lead to a healthier, happier baby. Furious Nutritions, one of the top manufacturers of infant formula in India now has brought you a revolutionary lactose-free formula in the form of L-Zero.

Benefits of L- Zero

  • It is ideal lactose and sucrose-free formula that is very helpful in nutrition management in diarrhea and lactose intolerance.
  • It helps in easy digestion: Free of lactose for better tolerance during diarrhea.
  • It provides electrolyte replenishment with Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride.
  • It boosts Immune Function with Vitamin A, C, E, Selenium, and Zinc.
  • It contains Nucleotides to support and strengthen immune function.
  • Growth: Energy levels of 69 kcal/100ml, Protein – 1.8g/100ml.
  • It makes bones stronger with Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Vitamin D.
  • It supports brain development with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (precursors of DHA and ARA), Taurine, Choline, Iron, and Iodine.

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