Today, even though I am the mother of a healthy, teenager, I still remember the experiences I had while raising my child. He had suffered from strong lactose intolerance. Along with happiness, sorrow also comes. While happiness gives you a pleasant feeling, sorrows give you pain. Both together teach us the art of living life. It is painful for a mother to see her children in trouble, especially when the child is at an age when she does not understand herself. Neither he can tell grief nor bear it. Something similar happened with my child too. As long as it was on mother’s milk, it was fine. At six months, I started a diet. In addition, fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, grapes were also given. Till then everything was fine. Sometimes grapes and pomegranate upset the stomach. I think that the teeth may be coming so this is happening. Now when my son was 2 years old, I gave him semolina pudding, started giving oatmeal and top milk. Now often his stomach started getting worse. It was all due to lactose intolerance. He fell ill and suffered from diarrhea. We would show the doctor, give medicines, everything would be fine for a few days.

By now my son was two years old. The same trouble was still haunting him. I tried to give him a complete diet including bread, vegetable, fruit, milk, etc. He was already weak and this trouble was not allowing him to grow further. He was physically weakening both ways inside and out. By now I had noticed some things that her stomach was getting upset after taking milk and milk products. I told all this to my doctor. He recommended going with a stool test. Seeing the reports, what the doctor told us was new to us. And I came to know about L-Zero then. It was a potential lactose-free formula that the doctor had suggested to me to feed my kid.

Lactose Intolerance…..!

Lactose is a natural sugar-like substance found in milk products. It is found in cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc. Lactose intolerance is a problem in the stomach. Due to this, there may be problems like abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence. Due to this, problems like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, food digestion also occur.

When we asked the doctor for its treatment, he said that this problem is mostly temporary. With increasing age, as the immunity of the child increases, this problem also decreases. L-Zero did wonder to my kid. It is really an amazing revolutionary lactose-free formula for infants and growing kids.

From time to time, we kept giving milk at intervals of six months so that it could be seen that the body was not approved for the milk. We did it according to the doctor. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics along with L-Zero to him. I kept giving him milk along with dairy products. His sensitivity towards fruits was now reduced. But milk was still a problem to him. Now he was five years old. The doctor explained to us that with increasing age, as the immunity of children increases, this problem also decreases. We comforted ourselves and hoped for the best. Around the age of seven, I noticed that his body is no longer rejecting milk as before. Slowly I increased the dose of milk.

Now his body is accepting milk completely. We breathed peacefully. Now my son is growing according to his age. Thanks to L-zero, the best lactose-free formula. May God give him good health and long life. But even today when I remember her childhood, I also remember these bitter memories. He remembers the pain. Many times, we add problems like stomach aches, diarrhea, vomiting in children to teeth, or we start taking medicines. But forget that taking them for a long time will leave its impact. If medicines are antibiotics then there is a side effect that will have some effect on the child. It is important to understand the root cause of suffering.

I thought to share this experience with you. 

Advice to Mothers

  • Never give milk to your child immediately before playing. It causes milk indigestion.
  • Do not give fruits that cause stomach upset.
  • Avoid feeding dairy products at an early age.

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