Pregnancy is the term which makes the women most cherish. Whether the women agree or disagree these are days every woman is waiting for, after marriage. It is a dream that comes true for every woman. As it is rightly said, “Happy people plan actions, they don’t plan results”. In pregnancy, actions and results are the most important thing which every woman should be concerned about. Read more information about pregnant females and infants’ health on Furious Nutrition’s‘ website.


Here are some of the actions which should be taken care of during pregnancy:

Certain foods to avoid during pregnancy

  • Unwashed Vegetables: Vegetables should be thoroughly washed before consumption, because they may have been exposed to a parasitic disease ‘toxoplasmosis’, which might have affected the soil where the vegetables were grown.
  • Alcohol: Consumption of alcoholic beverages causes a host of health problems in the baby, including low body weight, learning disabilities, visual problems, deformed organs, and other abnormalities.
  • Unpasteurized Milk: Ensure that the milk you consume is pasteurized, because unpasteurized milk may contain bacteria called Listeria, which may lead to miscarriage.
  • Raw Eggs: Raw eggs should not be eaten, because they contain Salmonella, bacteria that cause borne illness. Stay away from the dishes that contain raw eggs as well, including Caesar salad dressing, cookie batter, and eggnog
  • Caffeine: Caffeine consumption can put the pregnant woman at risk of miscarriage and premature birth. Hence, even beverages containing caffeine, like coffee, should be strictly avoided during the period.

Glucose test in pregnancy

The glucose screen is usually done between week 24 of pregnancy and week 28 of pregnancy. It might be done earlier if you had gestational diabetes with a previous pregnancy. It might be done earlier if you had gestational diabetes with a previous pregnancy or if you have multiple tests showing glucose in your urine.

  • Risks: There are no significant risks associated with testing for gestational diabetes (beyond a tangy taste in your mouth). The most common serious problem caused by gestational diabetes is carrying a very large baby (macrosomia), who is at risk for birth injuries as well as type 2 diabetes later in life. But with a sensible diet and careful monitoring, GDM can be managed.

Exercising during pregnancy

Exercising in pregnancy is good for you. It is also good for the baby. The benefits of exercise in pregnancy are not as well discussed as exercise at other points in life. Some of the benefits of exercise include:

  1. Fewer pregnancy complaints (Backache, constipation, etc.)
  2. Less likely to gain excess weight in pregnancy
  3. Decreased risk for gestational diabetes
  4. Easier labor
  5. Faster recovery from birth
  6. The baby will tend to be leaner and calmer

Traveling during pregnancy

Many women have doubts whether they can travel at the time of pregnancy, rather than making sure that there is nothing that can harm the baby. But one must rest and be assured that there is absolutely no harm in traveling.

  1. Women having a healthy, normal pregnancy are free to fly at any time, but as the doctors suggest, women shouldn’t fly, because there are chances where they might start with their labour pains any time.
  2. Airline companies, do specify certain limits for pregnant ladies depending on the flight being national or international
  3. They won’t allow her to fly before 30 days of her delivery date.
  4. While others won’t let you fly, when your due date is 7 days away.
  5. Women with high risks should not travel.
  6. Women with poorly controlled diabetes, placental abnormalities, and hypertension are also advised not to travel.

Hence during pregnancy certain precautions regarding food, traveling, and exercising should be taken care of. This will be very helpful in keeping your baby’s health in good condition. You can try a wide range of infant formula, vitamin supplements, lactose-free formula, and baby supplements on our website.


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