Indian women think that gaining weight in the right way is the right development of the child. Many women, seeing the weight of the child not increasing, leave breast milk and start giving formula milk to it. But let us tell you that breastfeeding is very important for six months after the birth of the child. Do you know what the benefits of breast milk are? It is very important for the overall development of the child. But some women start giving formula milk to the child to gain weight. The question is, is it right to give formula milk to a baby below six months to gain weight?

According to Furious Nutritions, a mother’s milk is necessary to increase the weight of the child, increase immunity and keep him satisfied. If the baby is not gaining weight even after taking it, then there could be some different reasons for this. Many times it happens that while feeding, babies are not able to hold the nipple of the breast properly.

Due to this, they have trouble drinking milk and due to not filling their stomach, they become irritable. That’s why he has to be fed milk many times. This can be a major reason for the child’s weight loss. Remember that several formula milk do not guarantee that your baby will gain weight. Many times women are not able to follow the correct instructions while making the formula, due to which the weight of the child does not increase. So if the baby feeds properly and is satisfied, there is no reason to switch to formula. Furilac stage 1 and Furilac Stage 2 are designed in a manner that gives full support to your child’s growth.

If your baby is allergic to breast milk, you can try Furilac. It is among the top 5 infant formulas in India. In many cases, children become lactose intolerant i.e. milk allergy. In this case, you can try L-Zero, a potentially active lactose-free formula. However, this does not necessarily mean that the baby will gain weight rapidly. After six months, the weaning of the baby should be stopped gradually. If the baby is taking time to wean, then you keep feeding him little by little. This also increases the weight of the child because sometimes being satisfied is not enough but emotional attachment is also necessary.


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